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AEL: Intelligent blasting at the forefront of Smart Mining

 · In line with its renewed vision of embracing the technological revolution in the explosives and mining industry, AEL Mining Services (AEL), a member of the JSE-listed AECI Group in South Africa, has announced its official rebrand to AEL Intelligent Blasting. The rebranding is aligned with the company's mission to keep its global operations on the frontier …


charges, including dogbone relays, in various blasting and mining applications. Note: It is good practice to always use the largest size primer than can safely and easily be used in the blast hole. The following table serves as a guideline. FEATURES − VOD: ≥ 7 500 m/s − 1,68 g/cc density − Detonation pressure of > 21 Gpa − grade TNT used − Highly visible colours −

Explosive And Blasting Handbook

blasting caps boosters safety fuse down line and other explosives used for blasting, this 18th edition of the blasters handbook expands upon this books long rich history in the past the goal of explosives manufacturing companies and the international society of explosives engineers isee with their handbooks has been to provide quality reference materials to the commercial …


Blasting trials will be implemented when there are observed changes in the characteristics of the rock during excavation. Slope monitoring will be conducted during all stages of open pit development. Low Not significant Mining O Uncontrolled Explosion Fly rock from blasting causing injury or mortality to wildlife Blasting carried out by a licensed explosives contractor …

Mining Cycle

Before mining ever begins a mining company must make sure that the environment will not be harmed by their mining practices. It is the priority of the mining company to conduct their business in an environmentally responsible manner. Long before the mine, the

good blasting practices limestone mining

Best Practices to Avoid Explosives and Blasting Accidents. Jul 08 2022 0183 32 Since 2022 blasting accidents involving flyrock misfires and toxic fumes have claimed the lives of seven miners Two miners perished in a single event in 2022 and four died in explosives accidents in that year alone The victims ranged from thirty to sixty-three years of age and their mining …

AEL Intelligent Blasting announces new website in line

Blasting has gone live. This move is in line with the organisations renewed vision of embracing the technological revolution in the explosives and mining industry. The new site has been designed to be easy to navigate and offers a great look and feel that is reflective of AEL Intelligent Blasting's renewed value proposition.

Safety & health in small-scale surface mines A handbook

• Notify the mining authority before starting operations at any mine and before discontinuing or abandoning any existing mining activity. •P rovide all the equipment, apparatus, facilities and finance to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, good mining practice and an appropriate standard of occupational safety and health at the mine.


Ÿ Good Understanding about working knowledge of Vibration Analysis Softwares, Ÿ The incumbent need to communicate blasting activities with the relevant line managers Ÿ Need to understand the mine, plan and develop blast design and sequence Ÿ He needs to identify and implement opportunities to improve efficiency of drilling and blasting practices Ÿ The …


that general safe blasting practices must be observed for blasts. Specific guidelines when managing blasting in hot and/or reactive ground are provided in the AEISG Code of Practice, "Elevated Temperature and Reactive Ground". This code does not cover the management of post-blast fume, other than to the extent that the

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• Maintain and improve safe work practices in drilling and blasting activities. Show more Show less • Mine Design set out and monitoring of construction accuracy • Mark out of ore blocks • Grade control set out and pickup • Provide adequate and accurate level control marks • Maintain survey equipment and vehicles in good condition. • Cost Reduction Improvements • Maintain

Bench Blasting – Rock Blasting Services

Good blast design and execution are essential to successful mining operations. Improper or poor practices in blasting can have a severely negative impact on the economics of a mine. The use of excessive explosives at a mine site can result in damages to the rock structures and cause unwanted caving and large increases in support costs. Blasting is used in both open pit and …

Future of Work in mining: Attracting, developing and

the mining workplace, for both front-line employees and management. More importantly, it provides an approach to talent acquisition and retention that organizations can use right away to identify and address these impacts. Indeed, the Future of Work in the mining industry is here and continually evolving, and in ways where traditional methods of managing cycles, disruption …

Blast Parameter Optimization Study Based on a

The blasting quality and the rock volume blasted directly affect the cost of mines. A small charge-forward blast crater experiment was conducted to study the relationships between the rock volume blasted, the explosive unit consumption, the bulk yield, and the depth ratio. The results showed that the rational resistant line or explosive charge depth should be times the …

(PDF) Wall Control Blasting Practices at Kısladag Gold Mine

This paper presents the final wall blasting practices at Eldorado Kisladag Gold Mine in Turkey. Benchmark and improved wall control designs were explained in detail. Kisladag Mine has been


The common controlled blasting techniques are line, smooth, cushion and presplit blasting. The latter technique has become the most widely used in metal open pit mines, due to good results and its operational nature in hard rock formation. PRESPLIT BLASTING Presplit blasting is an effective technique for stabilizing the final wall in open pit metal mines. This technique is based …

Rhythmic timing in drilling applications

 · These timing practices were typically labeled like a 17/42, meaning each hole in a row would fire 17 milliseconds after the previous and each row would start firing 42 milliseconds after the previous row. Concepts to grasp. The first topic along these lines to understand is hole-to-hole timing basics. Firing all the holes at the same time – instantaneously – would actually …

Permeability enhancement of deep hole pre-splitting

 · In order to reduce the influence of blasting vibration on the general mining area during the test and to enhance the contrast between the two cases, the working faces were divided into two sections: 14 ordinary bedding extraction holes and 151 pre-splitting blasting holes 100 m away from the working faces. The control hole was used as the extraction hole in …

Quarry Site Best Practices

 · Blasting, cutting, and truck traffic contribute to noise, vibration, and dust that may impact local residents. Further, the public may protest the unfavorable aesthetics and the safety hazards posed by stone piles and quarry holes. By following best practices, these effects on quarry neighbors and the negative perceptions held by the general public can be better …

Hard Rock Miner's Handbook

Because of the unknowns, we often rely on the experience of others and good rules of thumb to guide us. Rules of thumb and comparable data are often sufficient to provide immediate, approximate answers to kick-start the problem solving process. Consequently, mining industry experts initially compiled and published many rules of thumb, which we delivered at mining …

Products, Services and Reference Guide

DynoConsult offers Mine to Mill blasting solutions which quantify the leverage that blast results have on different downstream processes and then recommends improvements to help optimise the overall performance of the mine. Drill and Blast Auditing and Improvement Projects. DynoConsult has a suite of audit tools to account for the differing nature of drill and blast …

Underground Mine Development

 · Chuquicamata underground mine is another crucial strategic project for Codelco. Under the existing open pit the amount estimated is billion t of copper ore reserves (% grade) and molybdenum

We Need To Talk About Mining: Death, Dangers & Prevention

Blasting is the use of explosives to clear areas of the mine, if done improperly it can cause earthquake-like results that damage the support pillars causing a collapse. Retreat mining is a questionable practice in which the pillars that support the mine roof are partially removed as they finish excavating and are exiting the mine, as they remove the supporting pillar they are toeing …

Blasting Techniques Used in Underground and Opencast Mines

The results obtained by solid blasting in one mine in Hazaribagh area () are given below for guidance: Gradient of seam – 1 in . Category of gassiness – degree 1. Working method – Bord & pillar development . Gallery size – m wide x m high. Shot holes at a face – m deep, wedge cut pattern total No. 12 . Explosive charge – 500 g/hole; total charge 6 kg. Pull …

Drilling and Blasting in Underground Mining

 · Good drilling accuracy enables efficient controlled blasting operations. Different blasting techniques are used in underground mining. Smooth blasting is popular, and it comes in a variant of double smooth blasting as well. Drilling costs are generally the same for the two types of smooth wall blasting but the fractured area in the remaining

Types of Mining Methods

 · Room-and-pillar mining is a method that is usually used for lower grade ore bodies that are relatively horizontal, with dip size of less than 30 degrees and thickness of no more than 30 metres. While this method is highly productive, it is feasible only when the ore, footwall, and hanging wall are of good quality.


Edited by J. Udd. (Montreal; Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy). Special Volume 35, 1987, pages 1-6. Support in Hard rock Underground Mines 2 Introduction Rock support is the term widely used to describe the procedures and materials used to improve the stability and maintain the load bearing capacity of rock near to the boundaries of an underground …

good blasting practices line mining

good blasting practices limestone mining Mine Equipments. Blasting Mining Technology InfoMine Good blast design and execution are essential to successful mining Practices in Mines, a paper by P. Sharma provide a quick overview on blast design Most of these are used in limestone and sandstone quarrying.


Total Mining Experience: 7 years . Job Classification: Equipment Operator . Number Employed at Mine: 13 . An equipment operator was sitting in a pickup truck guarding a road leading to a blasting site. Soon after a shot was detonated, a baseball-sized piece of flyrock entered the cab through the windshield causing fatal injuries. Best Practices:

Stemming and best practice in the mining industry: A

Stemming and best practice in the mining industry: A literature review Oates1 and W. Spiteri1 Synopsis In 2022, after amendments to the explosives regulations, stemming became a mandatory activity for all South African mining operations. There are, however, circumstances in which it is thought stemming has an adverse impact on the blasting outcome. Some of these …

KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework

KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework | 5 Analyze the cost base of production facilities to identify the cost optimization opportunities across value chain through analytics and good practice/benchmark comparison a. Analyz e the major cost and spend categories, identify cost drivers b. Identify perf ormance issues for each process (and

drilling and blasting in limestone mine

good blasting practices limestone mining - Mine Equipments. A good fragmentation and a minimum ground vibration are characteristics of a successful drilling and blasting operation. In this study, 78 blasting events of AlvandQoly limestone mine located in Kurdestan cement company in west of Iran were investigated. The vibrations induced blasting


Minimum of two (2) years operational mining experience in an Operator capacity (Recommended) (Total of 8 years' experience) Knowledge, Skills & Competencies Technical knowledge o Knowledge of explosives and blasting systems o Knowledge of diameter drilling operations and best practices o Good understanding of mathematical principles

Hard Rock Exacavation for Foundations-Myths and

Mining Engineering Practices. Among all the Rock Breaking methods, use of chemical energy for Rock Breaking is the cheapest and the fastest method as can be seen from below sketch. IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology eISSN: 2319-1163 | pISSN: 2321-7308 _____ Volume: 05 Special Issue: 20 | ACCE : REDECON-2022 | Nov-2022, …

Break it Better

 · "When we begin working with a mine we perform a comprehensive evaluation of existing blasting practices while training staff on just how easy it is to use the Blast Movement Monitors. Most mining engineers and senior managers accept ore loss and dilution as a cost of doing business, however they are always surprised by just how much money they are losing …

Evolution of Blasting Practices at the Ekati™ Diamond Mine

A review of blast designs and improved blasting practices at the Ekati Diamond Mine is pre­ sented along with the results of three blast-monitoring experiments. Blast monitoring was undertaken to in­ vestigate blast damage mechanisms in the mine's well jointed rock mass. Rock mass damage caused by pro­ duction, pre-shear and wall control blasts was measured.


Underground Blasting Technology _____ REVEY Associates, Inc. 2022 Page 2 DEFINING REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS on productivity. Many contractors, mining companies, and manufacturers have put much effort into the development of mechanized equipment and techniques that have improved heading advance rates. New "super" pneumatic jumbo drills …

good blasting practices limestone mining

 · Toeing the line: Blasting practices to control quarry. Jan 31, 2022 A good shotfirer or blast engineer will quickly modify the blast pattern to account for the geological change and eliminate the problem. Geological factors Geology seems to be the scapegoat of shotfirers and explosives companies globally, as the ever-changing nature of the rock makes blasting a …


BEST PRACTICES IN DRILL AND BLAST . 29 APRIL - 01 MAY 2022 | ROYAL ON THE PARK, BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIA W: • T: +61 (2) 9229 1000 • E: [email protected] 2 INTRODUCTION With an increased industrial focus on cost reduction and operational effi ciency in the mining sector, drilling & blasting operations are being …

How Mining Companies Improve Production Efficiencies and

 · The Laiva gold mine located in Finland, the Nordic world's most prolific gold producing jurisdiction, offers a good example of a mining operation crippled and closed by poor mining practices

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